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When the Darkness of Depression Overwhelms
Have you ever sat down with someone for coffee and realized that not only are they beautiful inside and out, but they are filled up with so much life-wisdom that you just want to hear more? That was me, sitting across
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Three Moments of Holy Week that are Amazing To Me
It’s spring break for our family, and we’re tucked away in the mountains of Winter Park, Colorado. Some dear friends offered up their cozy home to us, so we’ve spent the week with snow shoes and sleds, taking in the epic amounts
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The Madness of Motherhood
We all wanna be great moms, don’t we? There are days I look at those sweet babies of mine and my heart aches with love. There are also days when they have drained every last ounce of preciousness out of me
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Audio Post: Hope In Our Suffering
Last Sunday, I had the incredible privilege of speaking at my home church.  I absolutely LOVE my church, the people, the neighborhood, the whole thing. Plus the Campus Pastor is really cute. The message was out of Mark 5, a story of an
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My Fun Holiday Meltdown
Happy 2016 my friends! The last time we were here, we were in the middle of all The Christmas, and we talked about making December meaningful vs. doing what was expected. I challenged us to make a list of those things
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The One Question I’m Asking Myself This December
The meaningful.  That’s where I want to live this December. The other morning I overheard my boys talking about their Christmas plans, sleepovers in each others rooms, peppermint bark that we’d be sharing with their teachers, family that will be arriving,
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