Red Letter Summer ~ Beginning June 11

Ladies, looking for a refreshing Bible study for your summer?  Not sure how to do this in the midst of juggling schedules, work and vacation?  What if you could go online from wherever you are and be a part of a great summer series with a great group of women?

Be a part of our Red Letter Summer!  Beginning June 11, join me and my fellow Pastors’ Wives of Foothills Community Church as we take an 8-week journey through the words of Jesus, as told through the Gospel of John.  These incredible women will ask you to look at verses you may have read a hundred times, then challenge you to look deeper.  They will share their insights, their passions, and how His words have come alive in their own lives and changed them forever.  I love these women, I’m thrilled to be writing alongside them, and cannot wait for you to hear their hearts!

You won’t want to miss out.  Whether you’re a part of Foothills, or live on the other side of the country, you’ll feel right at home.  Last summer’s study in the Psalms brought together women from all around the world!

To join us, click on the “Email Subscription” button above (if you haven’t already) and enter your email address.  Then each Monday, beginning June 11, you will receive that week’s post directly in your inbox.

Be watching this week for more details.  Then dive in, join the discussion and be a part of our Red Letter Summer.

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  1. stunkard

     /  June 3, 2012

    Really excited about this online series! I linked you on my blog (June 6th).

  2. Hi Julie, I can’t wait to get started on this summers study. Last year was great!

    • Susie I’m so glad you’re going to be a part of this again! Miss you girl!

      • Tammy Newill

         /  June 4, 2012

        Susie, if will be great todo this study with you..I too really miss you my friend.

      • Susie June

         /  June 4, 2012

        I’m going to try and get some ladies in our small group to join me in the park!

  3. Tammy Newill

     /  June 4, 2012

    I already get the emails, but did not do the study last summer :( I am im a place of really needing to draw closer to GOD & fellowship with women…looking forward o this, thanksto all who make this possible.

  4. Susie June

     /  June 4, 2012

    Miss you too Tam, maybe we can connect with the study.


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